Welcome to the Galleries of John and Beth Reese. Like you, we are busy people with many responsibilities, and our jobs do not leave much spare time—which makes all the more important the restoration of balance to our lives. For me (John) particularly, photography helps that balance. As you can see in “Bio” much of my youth was spent in the wilds of Africa, which filled my eyes and heart with wonder. These days, work dominates my universe... unless the deliberate effort is made to reconnect with nature. Photography is the perfect excuse for doing that. Seeing the beauty and trying to catch a form of it opens my eyes once again to the wonder. More, all this fills my heart with awe for the infinite Artist whose exquisite creativity we struggle to imitate or capture in images. Along the way, my perspective is restored and my spirit is refreshed. My hope is that, even if you don't get to the same locations, these images may contribute to your perspective and refreshment.

Our most recent overseas trip was to Tanzania where two of our children and their families live. Look for new galleries on Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Natron and Monduli. We offer amazing images from around the globe. Browse to your heart's content. A world of wonder awaits you. Again, the Gallery called "Bio" tells more about us and our passion. We can be contacted at

Nearly all of these images were taken "on the go"—in the spare time after demanding work and business travels. I like to think that has a message for other busy people. There is time to connect with the natural world, to regain perspective and balance, to pause and enjoy the wonder.

These Galleries are constantly being constructed as time allows. Check them out from time to time for fresh material. If you don't find a particular category up yet, or adequate captions, please check with me, John Reese, at I may be able to supply what is needed.

NOTE ABOUT RESOLUTION: My images are displayed at low resolutions, but can be purchased at higher resolutions. What if you want to check first on an image’s quality? Please contact me by email and ask me to switch that gallery’s display to a higher resolution. Please specify which image or images you wish to check, and include in your message’s subject line the word “resolution.” Normally images are selected and displayed here for their artistic and technical quality. Very occasionally I may include a less than sharp image because of its exceptional nature. Such exceptional cases are viewable not so much for download purposes as simply for the unusual experience. Where pictures of faces lack signed releases, the photo may be viewable but not downloadable. Most images, however, are suitable for download and keep their sharpness at high resolutions.